BUELWA – An Offering

The Film (Dzongkha with English Subtitles)

Buelwa (Dzongkha: An Offering) is about the traditional and strict Khenpo Tempa who is sent out of the monastery by the head lama (Lopen Rinpoche) to work with the youth. Khenpo Tempa’s life becomes intertwined with the lives of three young people. He turns out to be the key witness to a drug overdose incident, through which he becomes the focal point for change in the lives of the three young people. Through this process he is undergoing a change himself.

For Khenpo Tempa, his service and work with the youth becomes “Buelwa” (an offering) to the king and the country. The feature-length film highlights many other messages such as mental health, employment, childhood trauma, drug problems and lack of purpose in life.

Charmi Chheda Director & Writer

Charmi Chheda is a film/ theatre director and facilitator. „BUELWA – An Offering“ is her second feature film as a director/screenwriter. Her first feature film „Gangnam Girls“ won several awards including the „Best Debut Feature Film Award“ at the UK Asian Film Awards, London.

Charmi runs a theatre group called Black Box
Theatre in Thimphu, Bhutan, which trains young people in speech and drama, storytelling and various forms of theatre. Charmi has also worked with several schools in Bhutan and India.

Jigme Tenzing Director of Photography

Jigme Tenzing is a cinematographer and director who has worked as a full-time cinematographer on the Bhutanese films „Hema Hema: Sing Me a Song While I Wait“ (2016), „Honeygiver Among the Dogs“ (2016), „Lunana – A Yak in the Classroom“ (2019), and „Gangnam Girls“ (2021).

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